New Beginnings – The Opening of Our Organised Life

While I do know that those two words are probably the most overused when people are starting a new project the problem is that using the synonyms option on Microsoft Word just makes any alternative sound strange. When I looked I found ‘Fresh Commencement’ and ‘Innovative Launch’ but neither of those suited me. I think I will just be traditional with my selection for the opening of Our Organised Life.

So to begin I’ll make my introductions. My name is Belle Howard. The next step would be to say something like ‘I’m a 31 year old mother…’ Or I could refer to my occupation and call myself an educator. Or I could define myself by my marital status and call myself a wife. Just like everyone else I am a thousand things in one and too hard to fully define in just a few words. So instead, I will explain what it is that I am doing here.

I enjoy helping people. That’s basically it. I wanted the opportunity to create something that I could pour my thoughts into. I’m sure my political views will pop up at times, as will recipes of what I made for dinner and the best ways I have found to get things done. This blog is my platform to express thoughts on careers and helping people to organise their lives to make them happy. Also, to begin to build a place for my small business. Yes I said it. My small business.

I found my passion in career coaching. It was a place that I could sit comfortably and work towards helping people place together the puzzle pieces of their work life. However, the job doesn’t end when you get a job.

In order for us to have an organised life everything needs to be in place. Our work, home, friends, family need to be working harmoniously together.

We need every aspect of our lives to be happy.


Here at Our Organised Life we will focus on helping you to create life and career goals and assist you in achieving these and being happy as you do.

Please take the time to subscribe to my blog, have a peak around the website and feel free to ask any questions!

We will be doing Happiness Challenges over at Our Organised Life – The Be Happy Team which you can join and you can follow on Facebook and Twitter by click on the hyperlinks.

Now a couple of personal things about me:

I have a little girl who is three and I absolutely love that kid and the person she is becoming. She
makes me laugh and loves to dance and sign. So we have impromptu performances during dinner and at 4am…

My husband and I are very different in our tastes he likes his cars, bikes, boats and rum and I don’t really have that much interest in any of that but we always agree on M*A*S*H*. It is our favourite show and in the last 14 years that we have been together we have watched the entire series about 12 times. After a long day we settle down together and watch an episode or two..

We have our little lives together in Queensland and we enjoy every minute of it with our family and friends. I hope you enjoy my reading my blog and at times I will post YouTube videos of what I am doing. I look forward to working with you in the future to reach your dreams.

Belle xo

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