About Our Organised Life

I am a mother, avid reader, chocolate lover and a sci-fi/fantasy junkie. Way back in 2009 I started my journey as an educator and I found my passion in life then in 2014 I had my little girl, Grace and I found my reason for everything. All this time I had my husband, Adam at my side. Our life has been up and down but it has been Our Organised Life.

When I dived feet first into the world of educating young people I took a few shaky steps at the beginning but along the way I have found my rhythm to the point where I have been assisting young people in reaching their goals throughout the education system in Queensland.

Currently, I am running a flexible education centre that assists young people that are 15-17 years old and can not be in mainstream education for a variety of reasons – mental health, youth justice, poverty, homelessness, disengagement and many more. It is a difficult job but I enjoy every moment and seeing my students succeed is absolutely amazing.

I have an appetite for yummy food and love cooking. I spend a lot of time making new recipes and trying different ones that I find online. I’ll try and share the good ones with you!

This blog is for me to talk about those things that I am enjoying in life and give you the opportunity to give them a go.

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Belle xo