Organising Your Life – The 5 Best Ways to Do It!

I am a strong believer that great planning leads to happiness. Organising your life can make you feel
less stressed about everything and give you the opportunity to create a routine.

Why do we organise?

To make things look pretty, to make things easier to do, to ensure that things run smoothly. In other words – organising can make us happy.

In our lives everything is interconnected – work, home, friends, family, hobbies. If one becomes difficult it puts stress on all the others. So what we can we do? We can start organising our lives so that everything works together smoothly and we are happy with every aspect of our lives.

Organising is tricky business and requires good habits to be created. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and 66 days to create a habit.

When I started organising my life it took me forever to work out where to start but I found the best way to do it was so start small and go from there. I took on one habit at a time that I knew I needed to create.

These are the 5 of the best habits that I formed to start organising my life:

  1. Write everything down.

I found that I didn’t sleep as well when I had all these thoughts in my head not to mention the thousands of ideas that went missing during the day. Remember distractions come in all shapes and sizes. So I went out and bought a pretty book and carried it with me everywhere (it also gave me an excuse to buy a few new handbags because I needed to fit the book into the bag I was carrying around). When I had an idea I wrote it down and then at night I would sit on my bed and complete a brain dump page. It got it all out of my head. It was a great way to get all my new ideas for work down. We can’t be expected to remember everything. So anything that you know you need to remember – write it down!

  1. Use a calendar

When you need to remember to do something – put it in your calendar. There are so many options
these days for running a calendar – mobile apps, laptop programs, online calendars and don’t forget the good old written diary.

By creating a calendar you are not wasting any time and you are remembering all important dates likes birthdays, anniversaries etc.

I’m in love with my diary. I write everything down and over time I have actually put my brain dump book and diary together. Everything is in the same space and it feels great to have a one-stop shop.

You have to pick what works best in your life and do it. I have an upcoming article coming out about the different types of planners and what ones would suit you. If you want to keep up to date with my articles and be notified when this one is out subscribe here.

  1. Set Goals

Setting long-term and short-term goals are important for your happiness because you will be looking forward to something! In a future article I will go through how to set goals and the best process I have found in creating them.

Goals are one of the most important things to do and you should do them regularly. I tend to set short-term goals every 2 months and create a 1-year plan in December every year. Not to mention the 5-year plan that I am currently coming to an end on and will need to write another.

Remember, you can have career goals, life goals, family goals, travel goals, bucket list goals and many more. So it is best to make plans for how everything will work together. Whether you are planning a business opening, travel, buying a house, buying a car, having children or anything else. If you plan for it then everything will be peachy!

  1. Have a morning routine.

I have a three year old and a husband and a career and my friends and my hobbies and my life so everything can get crazy but with a routine that we run with every morning my life is a lot easier.

I wake up at the same time every day (except for Sunday on my sleep in day) and from there I do the same thing every morning. Once you have made your morning routine a habit you will be able to attack the day like a ninja!

  1. Create To-Do-Lists

I create a to-do-list everyday. It is a part of my morning routine and means that I am in charge of my day and I know what I need to get it done.

It’s really important when creating to-do-lists that they are not a mile long. You should have 5 things on your to-do-list at the most and one of them should be something to make you happy.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at all of these in detail. So make sure that you subscribe here to get notifications when they are posted!

Overall, the main thing in organising your life is to work on the basics first and go from there. Prioritise what is the most important to you and create a plan to make that happen. Always remember to add in some things that will make you smile.

To make you smile, happiness challenges are perfect. One small activity a day over a period of time that is designed to make your day better.

We will be starting a 7 Day Happiness Challenge in our Facebook group – Our Organised Life – The Be Happy Team. You are invited to join up and be apart of it with us all. Join the group here! We will be starting our first challenge on the 1st June 2017.

We hope to see you all there! Get ready to smile.

Belle xo

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